Comtruk Sport Utility Bed

The Comtruk Sport Utility Bed (SUB), the world’s most versatile pick up bed, is coming to Australia soon and bringing with it a whole new way to work and play.

Pickups today are tough, sexy, smart, safe, and powerful, with feature-packed interiors that consider the whole family. The SUB is their perfect partner.

The patented SUB starts with the design and style aspects of a pickup bed or tub, then adds practical performance features for a new concept in load management.

The SUB offers hassle-free loading and carrying of freight, merchandise, tools, bikes, kayaks, camping gear, or whatever is needed to win the work site or seize the weekend. And it looks great doing it.

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Give your customers a smart way to work & play.
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The Comtruk Sport Utility Bed


/ Performance

Your work,
your life,
your sport
utility bed.

Take advantage of the Comtruk Sport Utility Bed’s advantages.

The SUB gives you performance features that leave pickup beds or tubs in the dust. And its sporty good looks seamlessly flow on from the pickup’s cab chassis.

Style – balanced proportion, fine form, aerodynamic lines

Performance – durable, strong, light weight and economic construction

Versatility – flexible, adaptable

Functionality – thoughtful design, multipurpose use

Usability – more usable volume to carry loads, ergonomic, easy-to-use

Safety – OH&S, compliant

Quality – high quality standards for design and manufacture

Customisation – accessorise, colour, configure for your life

Aluminium construction – light and strong, recyclable, accepting of high tech design, fuel economy

The SUB gives you an easy way to pack more into your day. Enjoy hassle-free loading of the gear, tools, and toys you need for work or how you like to play.

Our integrated strapping system makes loading, load securing, and unloading easier, regardless of cargo size or shape. The SUB’s channels hold rubber friction strips to help reduce sliding and give grip to the bed floor.

The SUB design team included six channels of attachment for securing of loads and installing carrier accessories. Attach accessories along channels:

• outside and inside the rack bars
• top side and underside of the bed’s floor
• the entire perimeter of the bed
• along the inside length of the operable gates

The SUB fits large pallets, something the wheel arches of a pickup bed doesn’t allow. Lower one of the operable gates, use a forklift to load the SUB.

We kept our features flexible to adapt to your needs. Make the switch to a SUB and get work/play freedom from a load management system.

Enjoy more colourful adventures with your pickup and SUB.

Utility vehicle design has come a long way since Ford released the Coupe-Utility in 1934. Gone is the grunty farm vehicle. Pickups today marry performance with beautiful design, and add feature-packed interiors to embrace every family member. We engineered the SUB to be their perfect mate.

Get great looks and versatile performance from a SUB. You can choose a SUB in standard colours or we can paint it to match your pickup exactly.

Once the SUB is released, you can check out our design studio to see the difference a bit of colour can make.

Reduce the risk of loading-related injuries, or scrapes and bumps with our practical, people-friendly features.

First, the SUB replaces blunt corners and sharp edges with contoured lines and smooth designs. Next, we made loading and unloading safer for you with our integrated latching mechanism, curved side profiles, and operable gates that fold down to 90 or 180 degrees (or you can remove them completely).

The SUB decreases the risk of damaging work or sport gear with smart load management. Details like adjustable floor channel tie-down points,  ratchet brackets that slide along the bed profile, strapping from inside the bed put you in control of how you organise and safely secure your load. Rubber floor strips reduce sliding, regardless of cargo size or shape.

Additional safety-smart features, like rear sensors and reverse cameras, or our patented side-load lifter, give an even higher level of safety. The front rack’s inside channel can hold stainless steel mesh, creating a safety barrier for the driver.

The SUB protects people and the things they need to carry.

Enjoy the savings of getting serious utility from a pickup utility bed.

The SUB’s fresh take on the pickup tub or bed offers so many bottom line benefits, it’s hard to know where to begin.

A few include:

• fuel savings from a streamline design
• easier, more organised loading, load securing, and unloading
• avoid fines from improperly secured loads
• no bent or deformed gates from exterior strapping, extending the life of your utility bed
• a crossover vehicle every member of the family is happy to use
• decreased risk of lifting injuries for you and your family
• no damage to tools or toys from sharp corners and edges

The SUB for double cab pickups is about 60 per cent (or 1.2sqm) larger than the manufacturer’s bed/tub, however, it weighs about 29 per cent (or 30kg) less. That results in approximately 0.1 lt/100km savings on highway cycle.

/ Features

Turn your
pickup into
the ultimate

The Sport Utility Bed (SUB)

a clever load management system

  • attach accessories inside and/or outside the rack bars
  • attach accessories or secure loads along the width of the upper side and/or underside of the bed
  • attach accessories or secure loads along the perimeter of the bed
  • attach accessories along the length of all the gates
  • rubber infill strips increase load grip and protect the bed
  • rack bars can be adjusted to sit anywhere along the length of the bed
  • curves follow lines of pickup body
  • fuel savings from aerodynamic design
  • storage boxes blend with pickup body
  • integrated, ergonomic lockable latches
  • sleek wheel arches

/ Specifications


SUB fitted for single cab chassis, internal area
• Width: 1835mm
• Length: 2515mm
• Depth: 330mm

SUB fitted for double cab chassis, internal area
• Width: 1835mm
• Length: 1685mm
• Depth: 330mm


SUB fitted for single cab chassis
• Usable Footprint: 4.61 m2
• Volume: 1.52 m3
• Weight: 180-185kg

SUB fitted for double cab chassis
• Usable Footprint: 3.09m2
• Volume: 1.02 m3
• Weight: 150-155kg

Testing and Validation

Independently tested for performance and durability.

The SUB performed beautifully tests simulating 24hrs or 96,000 kms of driving; 6,000 kms of off road conditions and 90,000 kms of normal driving.

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Give your customers a smart way to work & play.
Learn more about our Comtruk Partner Program – HERE


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