for fleet, dealerships, auto body builders, and sole traders

Meet the new standard for commercial use pickup trays. Comtruk’s Sport Utility Bed (SUB©) is a load management system that ticks all the right boxes. You’ll save your fleet money, reduce overheads, improve productivity, improve safety, and improve your brand image.

The SUB is a game changer.


Dealers, fitters, and after-market automotive accessories suppliers can take advantage of Comtruk’s partnership opportunities and offer customers a high performance, high value bed or ute tray.

  • Customize for the customer, reconfigure to meet the demands of many different industries
  • Stock available for immediate delivery
  • Easy two-hour fitment
  • Upsell bolt-on accessories for even more customization
  • Give your customers value, efficiency, safety, strength, and durability

The Comtruk© Sport Utility Bed (SUB©) fits most major pickups, with options for for single, extended, and dual cab chassis. The SUB works with works the most popular brands of vehicle carriers, loaders, boxes, and trays.


Increase safety, save time, and save money while you gain performance and flexibility.

  • Safer work practices, increased employee satisfaction
  • Save on operational & commercial costs with increased efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, longer product life
  • Strong, durable, corrosion resistant industrial-grade aluminum alloy
  • Easy access to the bed for easier loading, load securing; integrated steps & handles
  • Repeatable loading/unloading processes for documented Standard Operating Procedures
  • Customize for the job; configuration for multiple uses


Comtruk’s SUB is the new standard for commercial use pickup trays. It delivers easier, and safer load management, plus increased fuel efficiency and system durability for utes and commercial pickups.

The SUB adapts to the job or industry. Configure it to carry ladders, water tanks, timber, tools, and more. With efficiency and safety built-in, employees can do more, with less effort. Made of industrial-grade aluminium, the SUB is strong, lightweight, and durable, using less fuel and delivering a longer service life.


The SUB offers more usable space than a pickup tub or ute tray. It delivers more payload in terms of weight and larger payload in terms of size and volume. No need for external rails. Secure a load using the SUB’s adjustable floor channel tie-down points and strapping from inside the bed. Lower a side gate and load the SUB with a forklift. It fits large pallets the wheel arches of a pickup tub won’t allow.

Customise it for your business by attaching accessories to the floor, underside, and perimeter of the bed, as well as the gates, and the inside and outside of the rack bars. Use the SUB as a mobile work station. Lock the gates into place at 90° to create a workbench; bolt on a saw and get to work.

You’ll save your fleet money, reduce overheads, improve productivity, improve safety, and improve your brand image.


More coming soon.


The SUB increases efficiency and safety while saving costs.

Increased Efficiency

A SUB is a load management system designed, engineered, and tested for a more efficient work environment.

A Smarter return

From time savings to fuel savings, from long-lasting aluminium to long-lasting finishes, save with a SUB.

Enhanced safety

Reduce the risk of loading-related injuries, or scrapes and bumps. The SUB protects users and the things they carry.

Great Brand Reputation

A fleet pickup with SUB delivers a company’s brand everywhere it goes and displays vehicle signage from headlight to taillight.


The SUB delivers a balance of lifestyle and utility. Your customers don’t have to choose between work or play for the first time. We designed the SUB to work with the most popular brands of recreational and work related accessories.

The SUB presents a great commercial opportunity to up sell accessories from popular brands like Thule, Yakima, Rhino-Rack, and more. It creates an ecosystem for current and future accessories.

  • ready now
  • meet your customers’ needs
  • generate income for your business


Whether you’re a fleet manager or automotive dealer, Comtruk offers easy and fast shipment and fitment solutions for the SUB.

Comtruk commercial customers receive streamlined service and technical training.

Get an edge on the competition. Increase your profitability and become a Comtruk commercial customer. Contact us to learn about the opportunities.

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