Comtruk for fleet, dealerships, auto body builders, and sole traders


Dealers, fitters, and after-market automotive accessories suppliers can take advantage of Comtruk’s partnership opportunities.

We made the Comtruk© Sport Utility Bed (SUB©) for most major pickups. It’s an easy fit for single, extended, and dual cab chassis. The SUB works with works with the most popular brands of vehicle carriers, loaders, boxes, and trays. Add the SUB to your offer, and be the only supplier buyers need.

Give your customers the crossover vehicle they really want. Give them a SUB.


It’s the professional choice. Able to carry ladders, water tanks, timber, power tools, and much more, the SUB adapts to the needs of your business.

Your employees can do more, with less effort. The SUB increases efficiency and safety. It’s strong, lightweight, and durable.


The SUB’s clean lines make a great canvas for vehicle signage to promote your business. Wrap an entire pickup and SUB in graphics or clearly display a vinyl sign with business name and contact details.


Give your customers more of what they’re buying a pickup for. The SUB’s performance features deliver faster, easier, and safer load management.

Whether they’re buying a ute from you for work or play, the SUB lets them up their game. They can carry more and do more with the SUB’s operable gates. The integrated load securing and accessories attachment system allow for complete customisation.

It’s strong with lightweight materials and sleek lines that result in increased fuel efficiency and system durability. The SUB sets a new industry standard for function, safety, and performance without compromising style.

Download the brochure and then give us a call to start a SUB-venture for your business.

Black Mercedes X-Class and SUB


Professionally fitted to a pickup or ute, the SUB offers safe and easy loading and carrying of whatever is needed to win the work site or seize the weekend.

The SUB offers more volume, more flat floor, less weight, and more payload. It can hold large pallets and you can load a SUB with a forklift. Integrated storage from slide-out, lockable toolboxes. Rack bars can be adjusted to sit anywhere along the length of the bed.

Built-in features offer performance like nothing else on the market and its “plug and play” design accommodates work or lifestyle accessories from major automotive accessory brands.


Pickup manufacturer’s logos in full colour are available for purchase today; those in grey are coming very soon.


Whether you’re managing a fleet of hundreds or operating as a sole trader, you need vehicles that work. The SUB increases efficiency and safety while saving costs.

Increased Efficiency

A SUB turns a pickup into a work partner for a business’s employees, allowing them to do more with less effort. It’s a load management system with performance features designed, engineered, and tested for a more efficient work environment.

A Smarter return

From time savings to fuel savings, from long-lasting aluminium to long-lasting finishes, the SUB is the smarter business decision. The SUB is strong and durable, yet light. 


Enhanced safety

Reduce the risk of loading-related injuries, or scrapes and bumps with the SUB’s safety features. SUB design focuses on people, how they work, and what they need to do. The SUB protects employees and the things they carry.

Great Brand Reputation

A fleet pickup with a SUB delivers a company’s marketing message everywhere it goes.  The SUB’s lines flow on from the cab of the pickup, allowing seamless vehicle signage from headlight to taillight.


The SUB delivers a balance of lifestyle and utility. Your customers don’t have to choose between work or play for the first time. We designed the SUB to work with the most popular brands of recreational and work related accessories.

The SUB presents a great commercial opportunity to up sell accessories from popular brands like Thule, Yakima, Rhino-Rack, and more. It creates an ecosystem for current and future accessories.

  • ready now
  • meet your customers’ needs
  • generate income for your business

The SUB was designed to work with bike carriers, awnings, lighting, roof boxes and racks, boat loaders, trade conduit carriers, ladder carriers, boat loaders, and so much more.


Whether you’re a fleet manager or automotive dealer, Comtruk offers easy and fast shipment and fitment solutions for the SUB.

Comtruk commercial customers receive streamlined service and technical training.

Get an edge on the competition. Increase your profitability and become a Comtruk commercial customer. Contact us to learn about the opportunities.

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