a new kind of pickup bed

A new kind of pickup bed for fleet, municipal & contractor

The Comtruk Sport Utility Bed (SUB) and Drop-side Flatbed are changing the way Americans use pickup trucks. Comtruk’s SUB and Flatbed feature tailgates and side gates that can be opened or completely removed for total access to the load space.

Every aspect of the SUB meets a cargo management need. It offers hassle-free loading and hauling of gear, freight, merchandise, tools, or whatever else your work demands.

Made from industrial grade aluminum, the SUB is strong and durable, yet light in weight. Heavy duty t-slots in the top side and underside of the bed floor, each of the four sides, and the inside and outside of the rack bars give complete control over how and where you strap down your load. With more flat floor space than a traditional truck bed, the SUB holds a higher volume of load.

Explore the possibilities of a smarter way to haul your load with Comtruk.

Strong & light

Light and durable, industrial aluminum construction; less weight, less fuel.


Balanced proportion, fine form, aerodynamic lines, and custom colors match the chassis.

Huge carry volume

More flat floor space, less weight, more payload, more volume.


Secure loads or attach accessories from any of the integrated heavy duty t-slots.


Easy-to-operate side and tailgates, side drawers, and adapters.

Built-in safety

Easier access for safer loading and unloading; ergonomic, lockable handles.


Comtruk’s pickup beds will change the way you and your employees work. Get faster, easier, and safer load management, and more fuel efficiency and system durability.

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Easier, safer
loading & hauling
with the sport
utility bed.

The Sport Utility Bed (SUB) is a strong yet light flatbed featuring drop-sides. Fitted to a pickup or commercial cab chassis cutaway, the pair make a versatile utility vehicle capable of transporting substantial loads, while staying nimble to navigate urban centers and parking lots with ease.


The SUB offers more usable space than a truck bed and more flexibility than a flatbed. Customize it and attach accessories to the top or underside of the bed floor, the perimeter of the bed, as well as the four gates, and the inside and outside of the rack bars. T-slot and uni-strut channels in the floor and gate, with 10 eye-bolts located around the perimeter of the bed make load securing easy. The front end of the bed features an alloy rack bar that extends above the cabin roof, suitable to sit loads against or tie loads on top. Like the bed itself, the rack bar also features uni-strut channels that enable the user to customize the location of eye-bolts or other load management fixings around the perimeter of the rack bar.


The SUB lets a hard-working single cab double as a mobile work station and adventure partner; it gives a prestige truck a load management system while maintaining its lux looks; and it turns a family-friendly, technology packed double cab into a true crossover vehicle, perfect for hauling around kids, dogs, bikes, soccer gear, and groceries.


The SUB’s features deliver faster, easier, and safer load management, plus increased fuel efficiency and component durability.

From time savings to fuel savings, from long-lasting aluminum to long-lasting finishes, the SUB is the smarter budget decision.


Constructed from 6000 series – aluminum alloy extrusions and durable aluminum die cast and automotive grade plastic moldings, the SUB features market leading load-retention features integrated into the bed and gate designed to make road freight quick and easy. The drop-side gates on both left and right sides enable access to load and unload large loads from curbside. They easily open by lifting a lever handles at each end of the gate. The drop-sides can be removed in seconds to convert to a flatbed, accommodating over-sized loads.


By choosing industrial-grade aluminum alloy, Comtruk’s design engineers added thickness, and strength, where needed, without increasing weight.


The SUB for SuperCrew is about 60 percent (about 13 sqft) larger than manufacturers’ beds, however, it weighs about 29 percent (or 66lbs) less. The result is greater power-to-weight ratio, enhanced fuel efficiency, higher maximum payload.

A safer way to load, haul, and work. That’s easy.


Reduce the risk of loading-related injuries with the SUB’s smart, people-friendly features.


Making access on top of the bed easy, the SUB has fold out side step attached to the inside of the drop side, which when unfolded with the gate down provides a mid-height step up to the bed floor. Railings along the side skirts of the bed also provide a foot hold when the gates are up to help access tall loads or items racked above the cabin roof.


The SUB replaces the sharp corners and edges of tray or flat bed system with smooth, contoured lines. The SUB’s side and tailgates fold down to 90 or 180 degrees, giving better access to the bed floor. Loading and unloading becomes safer. Adjustable t-slot tie-down points, ratchet brackets that slide along the bed channels, and strapping from inside the bed allow you to more safely secure your load. Rubber floor strips reduce sliding, regardless of cargo size or shape.


Optional rear sensors and reverse cameras, and our side-pivot lifter, give an even higher level of safety. The front rack’s inside channel can hold stainless steel mesh, creating a safety barrier for the driver.

Style and substance. That’s easy.


Enjoy more colorful adventures with your truck and SUB.


Crossover vehicle design has come a long way since Ford released the Coupe-Utility in 1934. Gone is the grunty farm vehicle. You chose a truck that looks great and works hard. Modern lines, curved corners, and colorful finishes make the SUB your truck’s perfect partner.


The SUB features integrated tail lamps; neatly styled within the rear end panel the position, reversing and turn signal lamps comply with US federal regulations. The central license plate surround has in built illumination and accepts wiring for reversing cameras and reverse parking sensors. Plastic wheel arch moldings cover the dual rear wheels, containing water spray from tires. Light and durable the wheel arches further integrate the SUB with the vehicle’s design.

To complete the design integration with the vehicle, the SUB features a silver and black hammer-tone powder coat finish on the exterior, that is both durable and elegant, framed by low gloss textured black plastics; within the floor is raw aluminum.


Coming soon, options for vinyl color matching and vinyl marketing wraps.

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Independently tested for performance and durability

The SUB performed beautifully in accelerated tests simulating more than 1,200 miles of extreme off-road conditions and 59,ooo miles of normal driving conditions.

Go from strength to strength to strength

Constructed from industrial-grade aluminum alloy, the SUB is strong, yet light. Hardened aluminum alloy let Comtruk’s design engineers to add thickness, and strength without increasing weight.

/ Specifications


SUB fitted for regular cab chassis, internal area
• Width: 6ft
• Length: 8ft
• Depth: 1ft

SUB fitted for SuperCrew, internal area
• Width: 6ft
• Length: 5ft
• Depth: 1ft


SUB fitted for regular cab chassis
• Usable Footprint: 49ft2
• Volume: 53ft3
• Weight: 396-408lb

SUB fitted for SuperCrew
• Usable Footprint: 33ft2
• Volume: 36ft3
• Weight: 330-342lb